Software services

We provide custom software services, mobile apps, maintenance and support.


We help with your cloud journey and migrate your legacy apps to cloud enabled apps.


Our electronic medical record software helps you automate your clinic worflow


Our stock market products help generate timely buy/sell signals for stock market and bring profit to your stock trading strategy.


We support video based workflows including telemedicine, remote monitoring of exercise, tests, employees and patients monitoring for COVID-19 based on your business workflow needs.

Medical Billing

Our medical billing product helps medical clinics, pharmacies , workers’ compensation billing, ancillary services providers automate electronic billing workflows.


Our bill review product helps you reprice bills and apply regulatory and custom rules while repricing. We have integrated with clearing houses to automate intake and review of bills.


Our document management system gives you a central place to store and run document workflows for reviews, approvals and distribution. We are integrated with major cloud document storage providers too.

About us

We help you with  your digital transformation journey

We are a software company with focus on secure cloud based digital transformation. We help you automate your business workflows with software applications.

Connect with us for software development, mobile development, software services and support.

QSP Platform – Repricebill


Repricebill is a platform to manage end to end billing and bill review workflows

Pharmacy Billing

Create and manage pharmacy bills

Pharmacy Bill Review

Use custom rules and regulatory fee schedules for review pharmacy bills

Workers’ Compensation Billing

e-billing with the help of clearing house integration and paper billing with automated bill generation

Workers’ Compensation Bill Review

Integrated fee schedules and custom overrides with configurable rules

QMed: Quality Electronic Medical Record

Platform for managing your clinic workflows

QMed enables you to manage your custom clinic workflows


Custom appointment management with reminders


Video/tele consult with your patients.


Upload and manage your list of meds and templates to save time during consults


Customize reports as per your clinic practice and specialty

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